Regula contra Regulam XX Open Session
Open Session 10th Anniversary
Brzezinka, the forest base of the Grotowski Institute (Wroclaw, Poland).

between art and science, and roundtrip

Directed by Raúl Iaiza
​Session Coordinator and Artistic Assistent: Giulia Varotto​

19th Open Session – October 14th – 19th 2017
“The garden of forking paths” from dance to theater
Guest Master: Isabelle Maurel (Paris)

20th Open Session – October 20th –26th 2017
“The garden of forking paths” from theater to dance
Guest Master: Dawid Zakowski (Poland)


Creative work in this session focuses on:

The woman destroyed – Monologue – The age of discretion, by Simone de Beauvoir, and aphorisms, phrase book, letters with her daughters or colleagues by Marie Sklodowska Curie.

Participants must read these texts before the session and, if possible, bring a copy in their own native language. Participants must chose and learn by heart a fragment from Simone de Beauvoir and one from Marie Sklodowska Curie.


The session will be structured into two main fields:

  • Training: Physical (plastics, dynamic-impulse-relation, rhythmic body, actor’s acrobatics, dance improvisations based on African styles) Vocal  (breathing and emission techniques, physical resonators, vocals, dynamic and agogic) and Singing (monodic and choral singing, chironomia, pitch and modulation, voice-movement-space relationship)
  • Creative Work: improvisation and dynamic use of space, composition’s exercises, Actor’s composition and dramaturgy, creative pathway, techniques of montage. A final montage, based on the proposed text, will be show as conclusion of the work.

Working sessions are held every day from 9 AM to 1 PM, and from 3 PM to 7 PM. Other individual sessions will be held at different timing, according with the development of the work.
During the evenings work demonstration, videos, and lectures complementary to the work program, will be offered.

Languages: English and Italian

– Comfortable work-wear for strenuous work (spare parts of t-shirts).
– Knee-pad (volleyball-like).
– Every actor should prepare two fragments by heart by Simone de Beauvoir and one from Marie Sklodowska Curie, based on one the texts, and if someone wants, prepare a song linked with the main theme.
– Each actor must bring an elegant costume, complete with shoes.
– Actors playing a musical instrument are requested to bring it.

Fugue on Training. With Raul Iaiza. Direction Torgeir Wethal. Co-production of Regula Teatro and Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium. (Work Demonstration)
Gouldberg dance/a sound vision. With Isabelle Maurel and Raul Iaiza. (Work Demonstration-Work in progress)
Reflejos-Riflessi/Contemporary Spanish Dramaturgies. With Francesca Frassetto, Valentina Papis and Giulia Varotto. Direction Raul Iaiza. Co-production of Regula Teatro and Instituto Cervantes de Milan (Performance).


Single Session: 350 EUR (250 EUR for participants from Eastern Europe).
Both Sessions: 600 EURO (400 EUR for participants from Eastern Europe)
Fee includes lodging and food. It does not include transportation expenses from/to Wroclaw.

Application form must be received by September 20th.

Download Application Form


Giulia Varotto – Regula contra Regulam Teatro
phone: +39 347 6068570

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